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Gaby Siebold

Hi beauties, I am the founder and president of Verel Cosmetics®, a latin woman, entrepreneur, wife and mother of a teenager and twins. For a long time I struggled with the old cliché of a perfect body image and perfect skin. Verel was born out of love and my search for alternatives to improve the skin health and wellness.


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We are Verel Cosmetics, a skincare and makeup manufacturer based in the United States.

We believe in inspiring confidence trough healthy and beautiful skin. Discover the ultimate skincare and makeup experience with our neurosensory, silky and light products.

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Neurobionix Technology

Neurocosmetics is rooted in the idea that the brain and skin are connected and that emotions can affect your skin. According to research, when certain active ingredients contact nerve endings in the dermis, they can influence one's mood.

The skin unites us, connects us and transmits our different emotions and sensations.