Verel Cosmetics

The company

We are Verel Cosmetics®, a skincare and makeup manufacturer based in the United States. We believe in inspiring self-confidence through beautiful, healthy skin. Discover the ultimate skincare and makeup experience with our neurosensory, silky and light products.

With our Neurobionix Technology™, Neurocosmetics is rooted in the idea that the brain and skin are connected and that emotions can affect your skin and visceversa. According to research, when certain active ingredients contact nerve endings in the dermis, they can influence one’s mood.

The skin unites our senses, connects us and transmits our different emotions and sensations. That’s why we trust that your skincare experience with Verel Cosmetics® will be unique from start to finish.

Our products are botanical, vegan, gluten, paraben, soy and, nut free.

Our products are very effective and will give you excellent results in a short time, better hydration and a smoother and glowing skin.

Our Hybrid formulas give you more than one benefit at a time. Day or night, your skin gets tighter, moisturized and imperfections are reduced while improving the appearance and softness of your skin.

Our Values are Pure, Honest, Real and Gentle. All our products are Cruelty Free and manufactured in the United States. 

We want you to fall in love with Verel Cosmetics®. Allow us to be part of your experience in achieving healthier and more beautiful skin. Please feel free to contact us to create your personalized routine.


Gaby Siebold - Verel Cosmetics Founder

The Founder 

When I was a little girl I fell in love with makeup, its colors and texture fascinated me. I did not know then that I had ASD Asperger. Fortunately, having this syndrome has been of great benefit for me as well as for others because it awakened in me a great interest in health, skin care, healthy food and in general the human body.

When I was 24 years old, in 1998, technology and access to information on the Internet were limited and while working at the Pediatric Infectious Diseases hospital, I got infected with a very aggressive type of chickenpox. As a result, my skin was damaged and my face disfigured. The doctors told me that my skin was not going to recover and would be left with a lot of damage and scars. For this reason, I had to look for other alternatives, so I began to study how I could help my own skin in the healing process and, for the first time, I created my own facial routine using natural, made at home products.

In the year 2000 I, as a health professional, opened a clinic that offered medical, nutritional and aesthetic services with an emphasis on weight reduction, continuing with my efforts to help women to inspire and empower themselves. The phrase that I have always said for 21 years is: Wellness must come from inside out.

Later on, life gave me another difficult test, it was cancer. In addition, convalescence entails emotional, physical and mental efforts; I did not know which products to use or how to use them during my healing process. At that moment, I decided to take the opportunity to create what today is Verel Cosmetics ®️, the dream of my life. I began to search for the best formulas of excellent quality and, at the same time, safe to use no matter the person's condition, to improve skin at any stage of life.

Time has passed and my skin has also changed. I used to take care of scars and now I must care for sagging, wrinkles and fine lines. In summary, Verel Cosmetics ®️ tells the story of my life in its different moments and how despite adversity, situations can be taken as an opportunity to create, stand out, and be an inspiration to other women.

- Gaby